Blair Dunn - Board Member

A. Blair Dunn, known to friends, family and colleagues as Blair, is a fourth generation New Mexican.  Blair is known for his forthright stance, fiscal conservatism, and willingness to speak out against cronyism and corruption.

The apple in his logo is a tribute to his grandfather, Aubrey L. Dunn, Sr., known as the Ole Apple Picker because of the family apple farm in High Rolls, NM where Blair grew up. His grandfather served in the New Mexico legislature for many years, and was respected for doing what was best for New Mexico no matter what the politics of the situation were. He was honest and always put New Mexico first in service as Senate Finance Committee Chairman.

As the saying goes, the apple does not fall far from the tree, New Mexicans have seen that same care for New Mexico in Blair’s father, Aubrey Dunn, in his service as the current New Mexico State Land Commissioner, and now as candidate for the US Senate seat.

“My grandfather was the type to make sure the apple did not fall far from the tree by instilling those public service virtues in all of our family. As a youngster, I have distinct memories of irrigating the orchards with him and receiving the guidance that our resources in New Mexico were of the utmost importance and that he expected that when I grew up, I would take up the mantle of conservation of our resources (financial and natural) to make New Mexico better,” said Blair. “After he passed away, we found a sealed capsule with a letter he wrote to me, to be opened on my 21st birthday. In it, he asked that, when the time was right, I step up and do my part to serve New Mexico for all New Mexicans. That time is now.”

Blair is a graduate of New Mexico State University and the University of New Mexico School of Law. He and his wife Beky live in Albuquerque. Blair enjoys spending time with his daughter, Harper, in their annual victory garden and riding on the family ranch.