Unite New Mexico Announces Plans to Recruit and Support Independent Candidates for State Legislature

Unite New Mexico Announces Plans to Recruit and Support Independent Candidates for State Legislature

Group plans to host town hall meetings on listening tour

ALBUQUERQUE, NM –– Unite New Mexico today announced the launch of its effort to elect common-sense, independent candidates for state legislature in 2018. The group will host a series of town hall meetings across the state in May to listen to voters, sign up new supporters, and recruit independent leaders to run for office.

“Our two party system is broken. We have two warring factions that are more focused on winning elections than governing effectively,” said former New Mexico State Representative and former U.S. Diplomat Bob Perls, co-founder of Unite New Mexico. “We believe independent leaders can help unite our state and ensure government works for the people.”

Unite New Mexico also announced a partnership with Unite America, a national movement that aims to bridge the partisan divide by electing independent candidates to office.

“We believe New Mexico voters are ready for independent leaders who truly represent the people, and not the party bosses or special interests,” said Nick Troiano, Executive Director of Unite America. “We are proud to support Unite New Mexico and its passionate, committed, and talented leadership in their efforts to pave a new way forward for our political system.”

The ultimate aim of Unite New Mexico is to elect a sufficient number of independent leaders to the State House and State Senate to control the balance of power between both parties, thereby giving the coalition of independents leverage to forge common ground policy solutions.

“In part because of partisan gerrymandering, 47 percent of State House seats are uncontested 2018, with neither primary nor general election opposition. Combined with the state’s closed primary system, that means about 25 percent of unaffiliated voters will not be given a choice on who their elected representative should be,” said Steve Cabiedes, co-founder of Unite New Mexico. “This is no way to run a democracy. Independent candidates can give all voters, especially independent voters, a real voice in their elections and government.”

Unite New Mexico is working to build an independent candidate resource center to help equip candidates with the tools, technology, and talent they need to be successful.

Unite New Mexico’s upcoming events include:

  • May 5: Town Hall in Farmington
  • May 12: Town Hall in Roswell
  • May 19: Town Hall in Las Cruces
  • May 24: Press Conference announcing endorsed candidates at the State Capitol in Sante Fe (10am)
  • June 9: Town Hall in Albuquerque

For more information, visit www.UniteNM.us.


Unite New Mexico is a citizens movement to bridge the growing partisan divide by electing common sense, independent candidates to office. For more information, please visit: www.UniteNM.us

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