Candidate Training

- Corrales, NM
The 2018 election cycle is here and independent candidates and thinkers are needed now more than ever.  Candidates and voters alike need options to make elections competitive and to hold our elected officials accountable in order to make our government work as best as it can. 
We began this year recruiting and supporting Independent candidates for the State House races.  We have endorsed two candidates for the State House and one for the Sandoval County Commission.  Now we would like to reach out to you and invite you to a half day Campaign Training Session to help you maximize your efforts for November.  This is part of UNITE NM’s mission to build an Independent Candidate Resource Center.  
Not a candidate this cycle but are considering an Independent run in the next two years?  You are most invited as well!
We will cover the basics of strategy, fundraising, budgeting, and connecting with resources.  Knowing that in this big state it is not easy to physically attend, a live web option will be available as well.  The training will last 2-3 hours.
Also, if you know of folks interested in running as an independent or minor party candidate for the 2020 election cycle, let us know and together we can decide if it makes sense for them to attend.
We look forward to meeting all of you who have taken that first big step.  Congrats on getting on the ballot in spite of many unfair obstacles.  Just know that with UNITE NM, you don’t have to go it alone.  We are building an infrastructure of donors, volunteers and election/campaign experts to increase the chance of all independent candidates to be success in New Mexico in the coming years.  We are partially funded by Unite America, an organization dedicated to helping independents run for office throughout the Nation. 
Together we can break the duopoly of the two self-serving major parties and put in place candidates willing to find common ground and actually move New Mexico forward.  Join us.
August 25, 2018 at 3:00pm - 6pm
Casa Perls
644 Dixon Rd
Corrales, NM 87048
United States
Steve Cabedes · · 5057158521

Will you come?